Friday, September 22, 2006

Our Sweet Baby Girls

Last Sunday, September 17th, was really special to our family for 2 reasons. We had Isabella baptised & it was also the 2nd anniversary of our little angel, Mary Alice. So, I guess you could say the day was a little bittersweet. My wonderful older sister, Cassie, & her husband, Mark, are Isabella's Godparents. We are so happy that they accepted our offer because we know they will be wonderful influences in Isabella's life. We had the baptism at St. Helen's and then had a BBQ at Mom & Dad's afterwards. It was so much fun getting to see everyone & know that they were all there for our precious daughter. Afterwards, Anthony, Isabella & I drove out to the cemetery to visit our sweet little angel. It is really important to us to make sure we let Isabella know about her sister. We will teach her that she has a special little angel up in heaven that is always looking out for her.

Isabella with her parents & Godparents :)

Mommy, Isabella, & Daddy

Visiting Mary Alice
(these pictures are actually from a few weeks ago)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Spending time with friends...

Visit from the Poths
Kristi & Lex stopped in Austin on their way to San Antonio from Dallas as a pit stop on their Texas tour. We were so lucky that we got to go out to dinner with them & meet up with Angela & James. Lex did a great job with Isabella, his first time holding a sweet. Kristi was a true natural holding sleepy Bella while I tried to finish my dinner. Watch out Poths...they say babies are contagious! :)

Visiting the Brewers

We got to see the Brewer's for a short visit when I had a last minute interview in Houston. (Don't worry...we have no plans of moving any time soon!) Isabella & Briley didn't even have time to play together because we got there so late Thursday night Briley was already asleep. Then, Briley left before Isabella woke up on Friday. Yet, Missy & I were still able to squeeze in some picture time!

an Ole' Ag with a Future Ag

she's such a happy morning baby

Daddy Nathan & Baby B

The boys are back in town!...& Tina!

After 2 very long months in Morocco, Tina & the boys...Jaouad, Amar & Jamal, are back home in Texas. It seemed like such a long time that they were gone & we're so happy to have them all here. The boys both had their heads shaved while they were over there by Jaouad's father. We all miss Amar's beautiful curls, but they both look like such little cuties with their peach-fuzz. I can't believe how big both of them got in just 2 months!

Isabella showing off her beautiful Moroccan robe from Tina & the boys.