Friday, June 12, 2009

Introducing our precious baby

Anthony III
Born on June 5, 2009 @ 9:20 a.m.
9lbs. 2oz.
20 inches

We headed to the hospital Friday morning (4 days past due) for our scheduled induction. Here I am right before I changed into my hospital gown as big as can be at 40-1/2 weeks.
After getting all set & hooked up to my IV, the nurse started my pitocin drip at 5:50a.m. I was already 3 cm dilated & 70% effaced, so we were off to a good start. An hour later at 6:50 my doctor came in to break my water. Another hour went by & I was already 6cm & 90% effaced. 9:05... 10 cm! By 9:10 I started pushing & 10 minutes later we were welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world. It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds.
Our little one was such a big boy that this was definitely the most intense pushing I have had to endure of all my deliveries. My doctor kept saying the baby wasn't happy & I really needed to hurry to get him out. His heart rate was dropping which was really scaring me but caused my adrenalin to get going at the same time. Once his huge head came out, Dr. Irvin told me the cord was wrapped around his neck so I had to get him out with the next push. I immediately started crying & pushing at the same time. I had to get him out NOW! His shoulders ended up getting stuck so Dr. Irvin had to help twist a little to get him out. His cry was the absolute sweetest sound I have ever heard. Thank God for a happy & health baby! She held him up & the cord was right between his legs. It was the screams from mine & Anthony's moms that first gave it away that we had a baby boy. How exciting!
Everyone kept saying how big he was & as soon as they took him to the scale I knew why.... 9pounds 2ounces!!!!! I can't believe I was able to push out a baby that big. Dr. Irvin said absolutely no more going past my due date for any other babies. In fact she said she'll most likely induce me at 39 weeks next time.

So we had been trying to think of names to call our little man other than "Anthony the 3rd," which is quite the mouthful. "Little Anthony" didn't really fit because, well, he's just not that little. We had thought about Trey for a long time as well, but we have a really good buddy named Trey & that's who we automatically think of when we say that name. So, we finally decided on Tripp. It's short & sweet & fits his personality well. He does get called Baby Anthony quite a bit as well. I tend to call him Anthony when I'm talking to him & Tripp when I'm talking about him to someone else. Isabella still calls him "my baby" as she did the entire time I was pregnant. She keeps telling me how happy she is that "her baby" is finally here. Mackenzie just calls him "baby." I'm sure over time he'll gain a few more names & become the boy with many names, as most people in the Guajardo family have multiple nicknames.

Tripp & Daddy

Relaxing on his first day at home.

We got home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon & spent the rest of the short day we had left relaxing from our long weekend away from home. Monday we were planning on spending our first day together at home as a family of 5. Little did we know that there were other plans waiting for us. About 8:30 in the morning Tripp threw up a rather large puddle of blood. We immediately called the doctor to set up an appointment to take him in. His Dr. ended up calling us back a few minutes later & told us we needed to go ahead & take him into Dell Children's Hospital for testing. So, my dad came to the rescue to watch the girls & Anthony, Mom, Tripp & I were off to the hospital in Austin. The staff there is completely amazing. We were treated so wonderfully while we were there & everything seemed to go by so fast. Tripp started off with x-rays of his tummy. Then, they pumped his stomach & took a stool sample. They also had me pump some milk to make sure the problem didn't lie elsewhere. During this whole process the ER doctor asked me not to nurse him until we could figure out the problem. After all the tests had been done & most had come back normal the Dr. told me that I could go ahead & start feeding him. (Poor thing had gone most of the morning without eating.) She was waiting for the results of one last test to come back & she really wanted to postpone admitting him to a room for as long as possible so that he wouldn't be exposed to any other germs in the hospital. As soon as I started nursing him, we figured out the problem. I was dripping blood from my breast & that is the majority of what he was getting rather than my milk. Poor baby! This is what the Dr. had thought originally except that when I pumped milk there was no blood at all. It was only when he nursed because of the bad grip he was getting. Thankfully, Tripp ended up being just fine. I had to give my body a break for a couple of days & strictly pump in order to feed him. I am completely healed now & we are both feeling much better. Sorry for the late post, the first week at home was a little different than we expected.

Our little buddy resting with Daddy @ Dell Children's

Happy to be home at last! You can see the little drop of milk coming from his mouth. He must have a happy tummy.;)

Look at our big boy!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Change of Plans

So, I know this is super late but today has been a crazy busy day. We have had a change of plans & I am going in at 5am to be induced on Friday rather than Monday. I realize most of you probably won't be reading this until after the baby arrives but we'll be sure to let you know of our wonderful new arrival as soon as possible. I think I am too busy at the moment to even be nervous. I am really excited, although I still don't think the reality has hit me yet. Please say a prayer for us if you can that things will go smoothly. We cannot wait to introduce our newest little miracle to the world!!!! Love & Hugs to all! Alice, Anthony, Isabella & Mackenzie....

Monday, June 01, 2009

the much anticipated 40 WEEK!!!!!!!! update

Still no baby yet! I guess this little one is deciding to follow after big sister, Mackenzie, & hang around a bit longer than expected. How is it that the more kids I have the longer I stay pregnant each time? I thought they were supposed to come sooner every time. Oh well! I think in my case they don't come sooner, just faster.
I asked for this baby to be patient for me to make it to at least my due date & now I suppose it's the baby's turn to ask for my patience. I had my appointment today & am still only 2cm. There hasn't been any change from last week. My doctor doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks though, so we have set an induction date for next Monday, the 8th at 5am. That is of course, if the baby doesn't decide to come before then. I love my doctor & she is great enough to follow my wishes of trying to go into labor on my own, but there does come a point where one does need to see an end in sight. I think I'm there.
I also asked Dr. Irvin today what she thought of the baby's weight at this point since that seems to be a question I get asked quite a bit lately. She really doesn't think the baby will be too much bigger than either of the girls. Isabella was 7lbs.8oz & Mackenzie was 8lbs. even. So, I think we'll stay pretty close to that. Only time will tell.
It is very exciting to know that we will definitely have a new little bundle by this time next week, if not sooner. I am looking forward to seeing the girls' reaction to their new sibling. It's amazing how much they already love the baby without even meeting him/her yet. I think Isabella may be more anxious than any of us. (By the way, she changed her vote today to a girl.... for the entire 9 months I've been pregnant she has said we're having a boy to anyone that has asked her... or me, for that matter & then all of a sudden when Dr. Irvin asked her today, she said "girl." Anthony & I both looked at each other shocked. I'll have to check with her tomorrow to see if she switched back or not. )
We'll be sure to post a new update on Monday unless anything happens before then. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers! Love & Hugs to all!