Tuesday, May 04, 2010

March For Babies is Here!

It has been just over 5 years since Anthony & I went through the tragedy of losing our daughter, Mary Alice. After months of pregnancy complications, emotional ups & downs, we faced the unbearable... our sweet child was coming in only my 5th month of pregnancy. For years Anthony & I had dreamt of getting married and starting a family. Never could we have expected what we were about to go through.

Last year was our first year participating in the March for Babies walk. We plan on continuing this tradition every year from now on in memory of our sweet angel, Mary Alice. With the help of our wonderful family and friends we were able to raise just over $500 and put together a team of 16! Thank you again to everyone who helped us last year.

Nothing has felt better for me than to know I am making a difference by helping others, in the future, to not have to go through the loss that Anthony & I did. If we can even help just one family, one mother, one child... I feel we have done something to make a change.

Please consider donating to help this wonderful cause. It means so much to us and so many others. If you cannot donate, but would still like to help out, we would love to have you on our team.

It is my personal goal this year to double our team size... that's right, we want to have a team of 32 people!!! So, get out your walking shoes & lets March for Mary Alice!

Just click the link to the right in order to donate or join our team.

Thanks and God Bless!
Anthony, Alice, Isabella, Mackenzie & Tripp