Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenzie Girl

It's hard to believe our little Kenzie Girl is already a year old....& what a little cutie she is. (Yes, her birthday was on the 2nd & I'm just getting around to posting pictures...sorry!) We love you so much Mackenzie & look forward to seeing what the next year holds. You are such a precious little angel. Love you to pieces!!!!! Mommy, Daddy & Bella Girl

I had a lot of fun making Mackenzie's birthday outfit...about as much fun as she had taking pictures in it. Anthony says I should start selling these...what do ya think?!? :) hehehe

Kenzie's Carnival

For Mackenzie's birthday party we threw a little carnival in our own backyard. We set up tents for everyone to sit under, had the guest house set up as our concession stand/ticket booth, & had tons of candy & games for all the kids. It really was a lot of fun. A bit chaotic at the beginning, but it all turned out great.
Kenz & Mommy
Vanessa even dressed up as a clown & painted the kids faces....which they all loved!

Cake & Presents ;)

Isabella helping Kenzie with her cake

Silly Girl

She was very excited about her Gloworm....& truthfully, I was too!

All the kiddos playing musical chairs

By the way, I know you're all probably wondering what is going on with my lovely outfit. I was supposed to be a clown, but since I never had enough time to paint my face & Anthony never had enough time to put his clown outfit on, I just ended up looking like a crazy lady. I don't normally dress this way...honestly!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bourbon Street, Bush & Babies...

The last weekend of September we took a road trip to New Orleans to go watch the Saints & 49ers play football. This had been a much anticipated trip for quite some time. We got our tickets back in June, but Anthony & I had actually been talking about going to an NFL game ever since we got married. Now that our 2 favorite teams were going head to head in New Orleans, we had found the perfect opportunity for a vacation.

We started off our trip with a stop at the Brewer's house. We were all so excited to finally get to meet baby Kayelyn. She is truly a little angel from heaven. What a doll! I only wish we could have spent more time with them when all the girls were awake.

Friday morning we headed on our way to New Orleans. We got there pretty late in the afternoon, so we just did a little walking around our hotel before grabbing dinner & calling it a night. We got a lot of looks from other people walking around. It mush have been from the massive double stroller we got for the girls.

Saturday was a really great day. We spent most of our time walking around the French Quarter & Bourbon Street. It definitely lived up to our expectations. Even during broad daylight it was just like one big block party. The architecture reminded me so much of my trip to Paris which I really enjoyed. Once back at the hotel we ordered in a New Orleans feast consisting of red beans & rice, jambalaya, & shrimp gumbo. It was a first for all of us & I have to say we all really enjoyed it.

Sunday was, of course, the best day of all. We headed to the football game after finishing up the final touches to our poster. We were trying to get ourselves on T.V. It didn't work though because the camera man was directly in front of us filming the 49ers side the whole time...bummer! We really didn't mind though because we had such a great time. We had amazing seats on the 3rd row, 50 yard line. As soon as we walked into the stadium we got to see all of the players practicing. Reggie Bush was right in front of us....very cool! The game was so exciting. All four of us really enjoyed it. (I have a feeling we might have a couple of future cheerleaders on our hands!) I think I enjoyed it the most since the Saints actually won. Although, I don't think Anthony was too disappointed. The whole thing was just very surreal & we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

We stayed with the Brewers again on Sunday night, but got there pretty late after the girls had already gone to bed. Before heading home on Monday, we stopped to visit Karen & Joshua. What a cutie pie! Both the girls were absolutely in love with him. Isabella has actually named one of her baby dolls Joshua since we've been home & even asked for a little brother.
All in all, it was a wonderful vacation. We look forward to the time (if ever) that we get to do it again.