Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Missing her Ruby

Isabella sure does love her Ruby. I got some really cute shots of them loving on each other on Thursday before we left for Houston for the weekend. Isabella loves to cuddle with Ruby in her bed. Luckily, I think Ruby enjoys it just as much.

Ruby giving Isabella hugs while she uses her as a pillow

& little kisses on the neck!

I guess it started to tickle.

As we said before, Isabella got to play with several other doggie friends over the weekend. However, she was super-excited when she knew she was going to see her Ruby again. As soon as we pulled up to the house on Sunday & into the driveway she yelled, "RUUUUBY!!!" We felt so bad trying to explain to Isabella that Ruby was still with her other doggie friends at the kennel & we'd pick her up tomorrow. Of course she didn't quite understand & still went searching for her once we got inside.

So, guess where she ended up falling asleep for a little nap yesterday...

in Ruby's bed...all alone!

Fun with Briley Bear!

We were so happy to get to go spend the weekend with our friends in Houston. Anthony was supposed to have a softball tournament but it ended up getting cancelled. So, that just gave us a little extra time to spend with everyone. We spent Friday night with the Brewers & Saturday night with the Bartons & were even lucky enough to even have dinner with the Thigpens. Isabella loved getting to meet all her new puppy friends; Addie, Zoey & Ranger. I wish we could have gotten more pictures of the whole weekend but, I guess we were just so busy we couldn't keep up with the cameras. Of course, her favorite part of all was getting to play with Miss Briley. She's such a cutie & I can't believe how big she has gotten since the last time we saw her.

Anthony's getting a feel for what life is going to be like in about 4 weeks!

Kisses from Briley Bear

Missy & Briley

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's a Girl!!!

Our newest little niece arrived early Monday morning. Mark & Cassie's sweet baby girl, Claire Marie, was born at 1am weighing 6lbs. 13oz. & 18-3/4 inches long. Even though she decided to make her debut 3 weeks early, like any "true Kemper" she had to arrive fashionably late. Cassie's water broke at 3:30am on Sunday & Claire barely squeezed in that 24 hour window by 1am Monday. Of course she was well worth the wait and Mark & Cassie have the sweetest little addition to their family. We're so happy for ya'll. Love you & God Bless beautiful baby Claire!

true LOVE at first sight

Todd & Pene getting that baby itch;)

Daddy, Claire, & Mommy