Saturday, October 31, 2009


We just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone & a very Happy Birthday to Cassie! We love you to pieces & miss you soooooooooooo much!!!! Give your cute little dragon & big hug from us & tell her to give you on back too!

Kenzie Roo Turning 2

How can our little baby girl already be 2 years old!?! Mackenzie has grown up so much this past year & developed quite the personality. We had a low key dinner at our house on her birthday with some of the family. Her favorite part... the cake, of course!

Is everyone singing for me?
Want some?!?
The following day we had her party at the Texas Jumping Bean. What better place to celebrate our little Roo's birthday!?! Mackenzie is constantly bouncing around the house as a different animal every day. (This being the reason that her nickname as stuck since her first Halloween.) I really didn't get many pictures at all. We had so much fun running around & bouncing that the camera was a bit neglected. Next time I think I'll have to hire a photographer to tag along.
I did get one good picture of the Birthday Girl in the party shirt that Anthony & I made for her...
Kenzie saying "thank you" to everyone for making her birthday so special.