Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas was spread out over a whole month for us this year. First, we had our regular Christmas on the 24th with the Guajardo family. Then, Anthony & I had our Christmas with the girls first thing Christmas morning. Finally, we ended it all with the Kemper family Christmas on the 20th of January! (We wanted to wait until Jamie got home from Iraq!) It was a month of lots of fun Christmas cheer. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have had Mary Beth's & Tina's families here. We surely missed ya'll & hopefully next year we'll get to celebrate with the entire family.:)

Santa's helper got a little exhausted!

Guajardo family stockings

Ruby was so happy to get her monkey that she ran away to her bed for pretty much the rest of the day.

Christmas kisses....what sweet sisters!

our little snowflake girlies

The Kemper Christmas

Lukers loving on Kenzie Girl...can you tell he's ready for a little sister!?!

Some of us sleepy & others super excited, either way we were all happy that Christmas had finally arrived. (Lukey, Mariah, Alyssa & Rosie Posie)


the Newlyweds;)

Look at all those dimples!!!!

Anthony & Mackenzie

Nana Banana

Bring on the presents!

Even though she's been a Flanagan for 2 years now, she still can't seem to shake that "Kemper tongue".

Mark & Claire Bear

Zoe always has the perfect reaction to make us feel like we got her the best gift EVER!

Looks like Adam was just as excited about Luke's new football as he was.;)

Even with all the presents, I still think Luke's favorite thing was dressing up in all of Jamie's army gear.