Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

We are so excited to say that we have finally made the final steps in getting our new business up & running. Some of you know that we have been chasing this dream for quite some time. The business story will have to be an entirely different post all together. Making a long story short, Georgetown Fanatics is our newest baby. We will be doing screen printing for athletic wear, everyday t's, holiday apparel, the list goes on...
Back to the post at hand, we made a trip to Seattle last week for the training for our new machinery. The girls started the trip off sick, which didn't make for very pleasant plane rides. Other than that part, it was a wonderful trip.
Bella on her first plane ride ever...

Kenzie knocked out from her meds... poor baby! However, this was much better than the screaming fit that preceded the nap...:(

Apparently, we were told we brought the Texas sun with us because it did not rain a single drop the entire week we were there, Monday thru Saturday. Seattle is a beautiful city with the water, gigantic evergreens & gorgeous mountains. If we wouldn't get so homesick we would definitely consider a move there. The scenery is simply amazing.

This was the view from in between 2 streets of the little neighborhood where we stayed in Kirkland, WA. Can you imagine this in your backyard!?! BEAUTIFUL!!!
We took Aunt Rosie with us for the trip so that we could have the girls tag along for the journey. Anthony & I had training all day Tuesday thru Thursday which left us with Friday wide open for all the touristy stuff. We started the day off with a "ride the ducks" tour. It was so much fun for the kids. The driver was super goofy & we got to see an entire overview of Seattle in 90 minutes by land & sea. Pretty cool!

Daddy & Kenzie on the truck/boat

Mommy & Bella
Space Needle in daylight

Duckie Lips

view from our boat ride of the "Sleepless in Seattle" house... sorry, I can't point out exactly which one it was
Mt. Rainier

Pike's Market

After the ducks, we headed to Pike's Place Market. My one big request for the trip. Too bad we're not huge fans of seafood, because they had the most amazing looking fish on display you could ever imagine. My favorite... the, what seemed like, mile long highway of fresh fruits & vegetables.... mmmmm! Pike's is also the proud owner of the very first Starbucks ever!
So, you may be wondering where the "sleepless" part comes into play. With all the excitement from our training class & getting our new business going I think Anthony & I totalled, maybe 3 hours on average of sleep each night. We kept having all sorts of dreams/thoughts of what we will get to do. Honestly, ever since we've been home the dreams haven't stopped. Some of our best ideas have been coming to us in the wee hours of the night. We are really excited to share with everyone our new journey. In the meantime, while we're getting things really going, you can check out our website:
It is just a parked page for now but will hopefully be up & running really soon. We'll be sure to post again once things really start to take off.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Another little man in the Flan Fam

After much anticipation all week long, we were all very proud to welcome our newest little nephew into the world yesterday, Aodhan Patrick Flanagan. Amy had already been in the hospital two times earlier in the week expecting the arrival of their newest cutie, was actually due yesterday, but scheduled for a c-section this morning, Monday. I guess Aodhan (Irish spelling for Aiden) knew the day he was supposed to arrive & was determined to stick to it. Amy went to the hospital pretty early Sunday morning. Starting off with great progression and then after several hours at 5cm, she didn't move on from there; same as with Cian. So, the doctor decided it was time for a c-section. We're so proud of you Amy & know you worked so hard. I'm happy to say baby & mommy are doing wonderfully.

Only some of the kiddos waiting for their newest cousin

It's a BOY!!!

The proud new parents yet again... he's so handsome!

Cian checking out his little bro

Jamie & Aodhan, once again this little man has his daddy's genes

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sister Story Time

The other morning I was working on the computer & noticed the girls being extra quiet in the play room. Uh-oh, this can only mean one thing... they're up to something. So, I go to check out the situation. They were both quietly sitting on their window seat reading books together. SO CUTE!!!
So, I ran to grab the camera as soon as I could before they decided to do something else. Of course they realized what I was up to once they heard the first click of the camera & quickly "cheesed it" for my next picture. Silly girls!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thank You, Mackenzie

The other night after dinner I was sweeping up the kitchen floor while Mackenzie was happily emptying the tupperware cabinet. This is something I really don't mind letting her do because it can keep her occupied for quite a while & she really enjoys it. Although, I knew something else was going on once I heard her saying, "Thank you... thank you... thank you!"
I turn around & this is what I see...
She had made her way over to Ruby's food cupboard, taken out her doggie biscuits, and was feeding them to her one by one saying "thank you" every time she handed Ruby a treat. Ruby was loving every minute of it. She had to have had at least 15-20 treats in a row. Needless to say, Ruby didn't eat much dinner that night.