Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye-bye Summer

Where to begin...? So much has been going on since our last post. I cannot believe how far behind we have gotten. I said I would do my best to stay updated, but obviously that has been a little difficult. The summer was wonderful, for both our business and the family. We can only pray that things will keep up during the year. We've been staying busy with shirt making, sports, spending time with the family, more sports & more shirts!

Tripp & I sporting our shirts at Daddy's softball tourney

Tripp is already almost 3 months old! It is amazing how quickly the time is flying by. At his 2 month check up he weighed in at a whopping 14lbs., 8oz. He is definitely our big boy! 97th percentile! He is still eating and sleeping for a very big part of the day, but he has so many more awake moments now. When he is awake, he is just so alert & smiley. Such a little cutie & joy to be around.
Mackenzie has developed quite the personality lately. It is so fun to see what an individual she is becoming. She loves to make people smile and laugh, just like her daddy. She is definitely starting to come out of her little shell.
Isabella has really become my little helper. She loves to do as much as I will allow her to help around the house. Cooking, cleaning & helping out with her little brother & sister. This is her very first attempt at making homemade tortillas. I have to say she did a pretty good job! We have tried to spend as much fun outside time with the kids as the high temperatures will allow this summer. This usually means we are by some sort of water... which they love!

We recently just got back from a trip to Corpus Christi. The kids all loved the beach. Their favorite part had to be building sandcastles. They even braved the big waves in the ocean for a bit.
We took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium where they got to see all sorts of cool sea life.

The following day we went to the USS Lexington. The kids loved seeing all the planes on the ship and getting to sit in them to test them out, but the favorite of the day was the little jail cell. Go figure!

This is ultimately what we live for right here. The 3 sweetest kids you could imagine. Some of our favorite times are early in the mornings when we all cuddle together in our bed. They just make life so much fun!

Although, with this many in the bed, the positions can get a little silly at times. Kenzie & Tripp at one end...

& Bella at the feet!