Monday, July 13, 2009

Beautiful Chaos!

This is the title of my friend, Missy's, friend's blog (make sense?) Anyway, I cannot think of two words that better describe our life right now. "BEAUTIFUL CHAOS" If it wasn't already taken, I think I would definitely make this the new title of our blog. Life with 3 kids (all 3 & under!) & running a new business from our home has proven to be one of the most incredible, crazy, fun, stressful, happy, chaotic times we have dealt with thus far in our marriage. This being the reason for our lack of posts lately... sorry.
I wish I had tons of pictures to fill everyone in on what's been going on the last month of our lives, but the truth is I have just been way too busy to keep up with pictures lately. Anthony took two weeks off after Tripp was born. It was wonderful! But, when he went back to work, he was told he no longer had a job. Ugh! Not again. It was right after we found out I was pregnant with Tripp that I lost my job. Once again, God was testing us to see how we could handle the situation. Thankfully, we were able to find the hidden blessing in the situation. For the past few months Anthony & I had been talking about how we really wanted to invest more time in our business & eventually get to the point where he would no longer have to work & we could both focus on Georgetown Fanatics full time. We didn't think we were quite ready but God decided to give us just the push we needed. It's been a little scary along the way, especially at first, but we're just trying to make it through one week at a time right now. So far we have stayed consistently busy, which is really nice. Last night (or should I say this morning... at 6am) we actually just finished a job of 150 shirts that were only ordered on Thursday & due by noon today. With Anthony gone all weekend at his state softball tournament we didn't get a start on it until Sunday afternoon. Talk about a time crunch! Times like this really bring me back to my college days of all-nighters spent up at the architecture building.
I'm not going to lie, trying to balance everything & keep the house organized at the same time has been quite the challenge for me so far, but hopefully I'll get a handle on it soon. This is what our dining room table looks like when it's taken over with the business. Hopefully we'll be able to get it under control soon or we might end up on an episode of Clean House!
Our sweet little man is growing up so quickly. I can't believe he is already a month old. He brings so much joy to our family. It's amazing how easy going he is. He pretty much eats or sleeps all day & the times that he is awake, he is just as mellow as can be. Definitely our little gentleman!
smiles like this just make me melt...
The girls are absolutely in love with their little brother. They both call him "my baby" now, a nickname Isabella started when he was in my tummy. We haven't seen any jealousy just yet, as I thought might happen with Mackenzie. I think it's because the girls are so close with each other. Mackenzie has just grown up so much in the last few months & loves her time with her best friend, Bella. They spend endless hours every day playing with each other & love to take random breaks throughout the day to go check-in on "their baby." Having Anthony home during the days has been so nice. It has felt like a continuous vacation or long weekend, just with a lot of working on the side & late at night. The girls really love having daddy here all day & I'm definitely not complaining either.;)
This isn't the best picture because of the background, but can you tell what he did to his hair? Yep, it's in a mohawk. At his tournament this weekend, both Anthony & his cousin decided to get this new do. Silly boys!

It's fair to say we've been extremely busy lately. I really will try my very best to keep the blog updated as much as possible. Although, it's taken me over 5 hours for this one post because of all the breaks I've had to take since I started it. :)