Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, I had my weekly appointment yesterday that my doctor didn't think I was going to make it to. I am already 3 cm dilated, so things have definitely progressed over the last week. Needless to say, we were all a bit surprised the baby didn't make an appearance over the weekend. We went ahead & set up for me to be induced on Tuesday of next week. That way we can give the baby a chance to come on his/her own for another week, but I won't be going too far past my due date of this Thursday. There is still plenty of opportunity for the baby to come on one of our family or friends birthdays which start today & consecutively run through Friday....6 people total in the next 3 days! But, this baby may decide to be our little pumpkin & hang in there until the beginning of October. Regardless, we should have a happy & healthy new arrival in less than a week!!! A big thank you to everyone for all the thoughts & prayers for our family. We love you all!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Update

It's down to only a week now. Although, the doctor seems to think I won't even make it to my next scheduled appointment on Tuesday. It's hard not to get too anxious & even harder trying to get work done. "Baby" is the only thing on my mind right now. With any luck, we'll have a new baby by the weekend. How exciting!!! So, be sure to keep coming around for the updates!:)

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Memory

of our sweet angel, Mary Alice. We love you! Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Then there was one!

We have less than two short weeks left until our newest little miracle arrives. As of my appointment on Tuesday, I haven't made any sort of progression yet, so we'll see if the baby really comes on time or not. (Plus, I've been measuring 1 week behind schedule for quite a while.) It is amazing how quickly this one has snuck up on us. The anticipation is getting stronger each day. We are really looking forward to all of the love & happiness a new baby brings. It is going to be so much fun seeing Isabella grow as a big sister. I'm sure we'll have lots of extra help this time around.

She just can't wait to be the BIG sister!

When I started out this pregnancy I already had 3 pregnant sisters! Slowly one by one, the number got fewer & ever since Cassie had our sweet niece Claire, I've been on my own. So of course, the question on every one's mind, who will be next?!? My of the two wonderful Kemper sister-in-laws! Only time will tell.

Tina (5 months), Amy (9 months), Cassie (2-1/2 months), Allie (1-1/2 months)

Allie (5-1/2 months), Tina (9 months), Cassie (6-1/2 months)

Allie(6 months) & Cassie (7 months)

8-1/2 months!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the NEW Mr. & Mrs. K

Todd & Penny chillin' out before the festivities begin.

What an awesome weekend!!! My brother got married to my wonderful new sister-in-law on Sunday. It was such a great weekend getting to see all of our family. The wedding was at Reunion Ranch (yep, same place as the Guajardo reception) & it was super-fun. All the little ones were the life of the party, livin' it up on the dance floor. It was too cute.

William & Zoe

the beautiful couple

The ring bearer was our cute little nephew, Amar & the flower girl was Penny's friend's daughter, Avery. They definitely brought one of the highlights of the wedding. As Avery & Amar headed down the aisle together Avery started dropping the petals as she was supposed to. Amar stopped, threw up his hands & said, "WHAT HAPPENED!?!" It was pretty funny. But, the best part was after Todd & Penny walked off, when it was time for Amar & Avery to head back down the aisle one more time. Avery stopped, bent down & started putting every single petal back into her basket one by one. Once again, Amar looked at her like she was a little crazy. She looked up at him & said, "Can you PLEASE help me?!" They had all of us cracking up.
Amar walking down the aisle all alone

I think Todd laughed throughout the whole ceremony....probably to keep from crying!

Avery stopping to pick up the flowers

& Amar, utterly confused

The new Mr & Mrs Kemper!!!
Ya think she's excited!?!


playing on the stairs with Daddy

ALL the Kemper sisters

& William!

Cian & Amy

Cassie & Mark with sweet baby Claire

I'm not really sure what we were doing in this picture, but I thought it was pretty funny. It looks like we're just discovering the fact that I'm pregnant.

Congratulations to Todd & Penny! We're all so happy for you. Oh, how I wish we could be in Costa Rica right now too!:)