Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The NEW party of 5!

That's right folks! Tina & Jaouad are awaiting baby #3! Nana & Papa are expecting their 14th!!! grandchild sometime in June! They were planning on saving the exciting news for Christmas, but with our family it's just so hard to keep secrets. They will find out right about the time that Sweet Pea is due if they're having a boy or girl. Amar has been so sweet lately...Tina & Jaouad ask him to "kiss the baby" & he'll walk over to Amy's belly to give Sweet Pea a little kiss. So, that's how they told us all the news. They asked Amar to "kiss the baby" so, as usual, he walked over to give Sweet Pea a kiss. Then Jaouad said, "Kiss the OTHER baby!" That's when he went to kiss Tina's tummy. They both just stared at us & waited for our reactions. It was so cute! They must have been practicing that with him for a while. Congratulations to the Boutchich family. We are so excited for our next niece or nephew!

Tina & the boys

the OLDER brothers

a preview of what the Boutchich family crib will look like within the next year...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Baby Bella

Here is the one from 0-3 months incase you didn't see it before!

Create Your Own

Our brown-eyed girl!

I've created a new slide show with pictures of Isabella from 3-6 months. It's amazing to us how fast she is growing up. (She'll be 8 months on Friday!) So, hopefully next month we'll have another slide show.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Breaking News

After almost 5 years since the disappearance of Rachel Cooke, yesterday was to be a day of many unanswered questions. Michael Keith Moore was being charged for Rachel's murder & in a unexpected turn of events, changed his plea to not guilty surprising all, including his attorneys. A day that was supposed to bring the Cookes a bit closer to some sort of closure only seemed to reopen the wounds. Please continue to keep their family in your prayers. We miss you, Rachel & will never give up hope!
Visit www.kxan.com for continual updates.
Rachel's family also created a website after her disappearance back in 2002:
Thank you all for your prayers...it means so much!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween from...the Flintstones?

Saturday night we had a small Halloween party with some of our family. We had some yummy chicken wraps made by Mr. Flintstone himself, chips & queso.....& TONS of candy!!! Just ask Zoe, she was on a major sugar high!:) The best part was seeing all of the family dressed up & everyone looking so cute. Originally we were planning on having a contest for the best costume, although I think it's better we didn't. I don' t know who the winner would have been because everyone looked great!

Amar, the Moroccan prince

Amy & Sweet Pea as a Deviled Egg

Todd & Pene make such cute pirates!

Cassie is like...totally, the coolest chick EVER!!!

What a cute lil devil!

the adorable little pumpkin boy

the Hawaiian tourist with the Bloomin' Idiot!

Have you ever seen such a cute witch?