Monday, April 23, 2007

Movin' On U-up...

After almost 3 years of marriage & living in the same apartment, we have now decided to take the BIG step. We bought a house!!! It will all become official Friday morning at 8:30 when we have our closing. We are so excited & blessed that we have reached this point in our lives...our very first home. It is located on the East side of Georgetown (oh-so appropriately fitting the song) & less than 3 minutes to church...nice! With the new baby coming it will be nice to have more room to stretch out a bit. The best part, we have a HUGE back yard for Ruby & the kids to enjoy! We are so excited for everyone to come see it really soon. We'll post more pictures after we close, but for now, here's a little sneak peak of the front...

future home of the Guajardo family :):):)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Texas Bluebonnets

Last weekend when the sun was actually shining & there weren't freezing temperatures outside, Amy & I took the kids out for the traditional pictures in the bluebonnets. Isabella was more interested in picking the bluebonnets than she was in sitting for pictures. Although, we did manage to get a few good shots. Enjoy!

Amy & Cian

Hunting for Eggs

It was Isabella's 2nd Easter, but really her first year to participate. She had a great time with all her cousins hunting for eggs. Afterwards the war broke out with the cascarones. This is a big tradition in Anthony's family. Everyone has to come prepared with they're own confetti eggs. Otherwise, you'll just be attacked & have no way of retaliating. It's so much fun & makes a huge mess. Isabella loved it & really liked seeing everyone act all silly. We hope you all had a wonderful and Happy Easter!

Searching for the eggs...

& eating them along the way.:)

Isabella & Mommy after getting attacked.

What a mess!

Nothing like a blue tongue after all that candy.

So, we let Isabella stick to the peanut butter crackers.