Thursday, December 28, 2006

San Antonio

For Anthony's birthday weekend we took a trip down to San Antonio. His family used to do this every year for his birthday, but the last time we all went was when we were still in high school. So, we decided to start the tradition back up again this year. It is such a great time to go with all the Christmas lights & decorations. It looks so beautiful & definitely gets everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Isabella & Daddy at our favorite restaurant in San Antonio...Mi Tierra...mmmm,mmmm, good!

Daddy, Isabella & Mommy

Isaiah & Vanessa

Chris & Tori

Isabella fell in love with the mariachis...this girl LOVES music!


Playing with Tori

Mommy & Isabella at dinner at the Hard Rock

the "after party" with Grandma

Proud of our Papa

A couple of weekends ago Anthony & I attended the Knights of Columbus Christmas Party along with Amy, Mark & Cassie, and Mom & Dad. It was a great night with yummy dinner, dancing & just spending time with the other Knights & their wives. The coolest part of the evening....our awesome daddy received the award for Knight of the Year. Way to go Papa!!! We are so proud of you!:)

my adorable in love

Anthony must have said something goofy

Anthony & Allie

Cassie & Mark

the "Knight of the Year"

all the girls

& the goofy boys!

Friday, December 22, 2006

December rundown

This month has been pretty busy with all the family coming home from Hawaii (YAY!!!), birthdays, & just getting ready for Christmas. So, we thought we'd cram a whole lot of that into one little post to show you all some pictures! Love to all! Enjoy!

watching for Santa

helping Mommy with work

& the groceries

someone found the stash of Christmas presents a little early

cuddling with Daddy

like father, like son....I think this was when the Saints were beating up the Cowboys...sorry boys!:)

Batman & Superman...our family is full of Super Heroes

wrestling with Dad

Friday, December 15, 2006


to my hubby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, full of Turkey, shopping & of course....the amazing Aggie victory! Among it all, most of our time was spent just you can tell by the lack of pictures. (I really did slack off this time.) It all went by completely too fast, but we were so thankful for the time we got to spend with our family. Anthony & I are so blessed that we live so close to both of our families and are able to spend equal amounts of time with everyone for the holidays. It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but more importantly....the rest of our family will be here soon from Hawaii! YAY!!!! Christmas is going to ROCK this year!

I'm sure it doesn't come as much of a shocker...she IS what we are most thankful for this year!

Isabella & Isaiah being oh-so-cute!
Jamal, the cutie pie!

She LOVES the statue of the Blessed Mother at Nana & Papa's.

sleepy must have been the Turkey!:)

the family feud...Longhorns vs. Aggies

Gig 'Em Ags! WHOOP!!!!