Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend we had two visitors come to our house (other than Birdie.) Brooke & Karen had been making plans to come visit us since before Mackenzie was born & they finally made it this weekend. Isabella thought "Brookeandkaren" was one person until they got here & she was able to meet both of them. We had a lot of fun just hanging out & letting the kids entertain us. Isabella really misses her two new friends...she's been talking about y'all all week.;)
Kenzie & Karen playing on the couch.
Brooke, Mackenzie, & Karen
We couldn't get Isabella to take a picture with us, so we got one of her sitting with her dolls instead.
All the girls (minus Isabella.)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The grass is greener on the other side...

For the past few weeks our doggie neighbor, Birdie, & Ruby have been trying to get to each other by digging a hole under the joining fence of our yards. The neighbor even put cinder blocks in the holes they've created to try to get them to stop. Well, apparently that didn't work because Birdie made her way into our yard on Friday afternoon.

When we got home from the store I had let Ruby out to do her business & noticed she was taking a bit longer than usual. So, I went to check on her & this is what I found...

This was truly a team effort as you can see Ruby trying to pull her through. Birdie even lost her collar in the process.

They were so excited to get to play with each other without a fence in between them.

I was so impressed that they both sat for me the first time I asked. I guess they really wore each other out.

Then Isabella wanted to show me that she knew how to sit too & she was so proud of herself.

*Note: No doggies were injured during the process of their silliness.