Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fun in San Antone!

Anthony, Isabella, Alice, James, Angela, Karen, Jake, Jeff, Christine & Emily

Last Saturday we took a trip down to San Antonio to go meet up with a group of our friends after their long day at Fiesta Texas. It was quite a drive just for dinner, but well worth it to see all of our friends. We even ran in to my friend, Jill, on the Riverwalk. I'm so glad that everyone finally got to meet Isabella. Although, we have never seen her so happy to be back home. Next time we'll just have to get everyone come to visit us.

Jill, Isabella, me & Anthony

ready to go home

mommy & Isabella after church on Sunday, in her new Mexican dress from The Market

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother's Day

I think I can speak for all the moms in our family when I say it was a great Mother's Day. After church, we all went over to Mark & Cassie's for brunch & some much-needed, good quality family time. Adam & Lyndsey introduced us to our new favorite game...Full House trivia. We spent the day playing & laughing with the kids. It's so fun to see thier personalities change as they get a little older. (Yes, they're all under 2-1/2...but you know what I mean.) Amar is turning in to quite the character; Jamal is totally in love with his big brother & quite possibly the happiest baby I have ever known; Luke loves being the big cousin and Isabella just sits back & takes everything in.
The best news of the day...Todd saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico! No, really Todd asked Pene's family if he could marry her. FINALLY!!! Our family has been waiting for this announcement for what seems like a very long time. Even though Pene's family slipped the big news to her before Todd actually popped the question, we all new it was coming sooner or later. YAY for them! I'm going to have a new sister!!!

the happy couple

I don't know which one of them was having more fun.

Jamal & Isabella holding hands...aww!

playing with mommy

Daddy's little girl

one cool dude!