Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good News on the results & more...

Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Good news: everything with my biopsy came back normal. It looks like my enlarged thyroid just came about with this pregnancy and is nothing of big concern. This is what we were hoping for and honestly really thinking was the case, but the thought of all the possibilities of what could be was definitely enough to get the mind wandering. It was so nice having such a wonderful support system praying for me. I think it was the anticipation in waiting that was the scariest part of the whole thing, even though I had such a strong feeling that everything would be fine. Thanks again! I love you all & am so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers.
my 17 week baby bump

In other news, all the kiddos just got over having a really yucky stomach bug. We are so grateful for that to be over! Anthony got to play in a high school alumni football game this past Sunday. It was a lot of fun getting to see so many of the guys we graduated with. Sort of a mini-reunion, which was nice since we missed out on ours last June because we were in the hospital having our sweet baby boy! Unlucky for him, he ended up dislocating and breaking his right ring finger at the knuckle. He had the paramedics buddy-tape it to another finger so he could finish the game. (Typical Anthony!) This was at the end of the first half. He went on to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter (yes... with his broken finger) and get the medal for defensive MVP. I guess the adrenalin kept him from feeling the pain during the game, but it sure did hit him afterwards. So, a 4 hour trip to the e.r. later wound him up in a cast all the way up to his elbow because he apparently pulled the major tendon that runs from your finger to your arm off the bone. Ouch!
Daddy's biggest fans ready for the game:)

Monday and Tuesday were extremely challenging for him staying home with all 3 kiddos being sick and having to give left handed baths, thanks to all the mess that goes along with a stomach bug! I think I better give him a medal for making it through the most difficult daddy day yet.;)

Our last little bit of news for this post... we should have 2 new nieces next week!!! My sister-in-law, Pene, is in the hospital now resting and scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday. (A "mini-vacation" according to Todd:) ) It's a little earlier than expected but due to a few different circumstances will be best for both Pene and the girls. So exciting! The first set of twins in the Kemper family ever! Prayers for a healthy delivery would be great.
Pene, Mom, Todd, me & Lyndsey
@ Pene's shower - December 4th


The Poth's said...

You look great, Alice! I am so glad everything turned out fine with your thyroid, such a relief I am sure! Thanks for all the updates too..I miss you & your family! You guys are adorable!

guajardo fam said...

Thanks Kristi! We really miss you guys too & hope for a visit sometime soon!

Dwi Setya said...

sweet moment